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Zhejiang Singbee Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED high bay lights, LED canopy lights, LED flood lights, LED garden lights, LE...

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  • Phone: 0086-579-84193166
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    No. 88, Xingbi Avenue, Pujiang County, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Singbee Lighting is an established LED lighting manufacturer that offers a unique collection of products for outdoor and industrial lighting applications. The company has been offering performance-engineered lighting fixtures that combine innovative technology with proprietary engineering insights since 2004. Lighting technology is evolving at an unparalleled pace, with ever-increasing demand for energy efficient, low maintenance and cost-effective lighting solutions. Singbee is committed to fulfilling customers' demanding specifications and needs through forward-thinking technology, consistent improvement in engineering capabilities, and modern management practices of lean manufacturing.

Singbee's specification-grade lighting products blend the benefits of cutting edge LED technology with patented application systems. The company offers a unique modular family of solid state LED lighting products that include LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED high bay lights, LED canopy lights, LED flood lights, LED garden lights and LED solar lights. Modular design adds greater flexibility and scalability to accommodate diverse lighting requirements. By choosing the number of LED modules and types of lenses, this contractor-friendly modular concept gives ultimate versatility to fit to almost all application requirements in both retrofit and new construction projects. Singbee's products has over ten years of proven track record in a wide range of applications in roadway, area, warehouse, parking structure, and other exterior and industrial lighting applications.

Singbee operates an integrated design, engineering and manufacturing facility in Pujiang, Zhejiang, China. The state-of-the-art facility is vertically integrated with tool and die and manufacturing, LED module and circuit fabrication, fixture assembly and integrated testing departments. All products manufactured in Singbee's ISO 9001 compliant facility undergo rigorous quality control inspections to meet the highest possible global and industry standards. Singbee's products are tested and certified by leading accredited test laboratories to comply with UL, cUL, DLC, CB, CCC, CE, RoHS, ENEC and ERP.
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